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    Hair Clippers

    Sharp blade, enduranceCordless opertion

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    Washable (IPX5) Ergonomic handle design

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    About DINGLING

    Quality First, Customer Upmost, Credible Service and Innovative Development.

    Zhejiang DINGLING Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd. Is an enterprise which specialized in various household Appliances,with production base in Wenzhou city, it has R&D,design,mould,production,trade service with supplier of electric appliances.As one of the earliest production of personal care brand enterprise,we have our own independent intellectual property rights.

    DINGLING intends to continue to innovate with new products, to listen to what our markets want, bring real value to all our markets and, quite simply, to supply products that make people look and feel better. Principle of “DINGLING”: Quality First, Customer Upmost, Credible Service and Innovative Development.......

    About DinglingOur Staff Allwell CultureOur Service
    DingLing Factory
    • No.29,Yanjiang Industrial Zone,Yangyi Town,Lucheng District,Wenzhou,Zhejiang,China.
    • Phone: 86-577-89790008
    • Fax: 86-577-89793333
    • Email: dingling@dingling.cn
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